Relief.  On So Many Levels.

The Joint is an outstanding chiropractic care facility that is perfect for professionals, parents, coaches, and anyone else on the go. The rates are very competitive and my wife and I can be in and out in ten minutes. The chiropractors are very professional as well as friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Alignments are fast as well as comfortable and they treat you like family. Front desk personnel are very outgoing and make you feel at home. Cannot say enough good things about them. - Lee H

I love getting my weekly maintenance adjustments at The Joint in Brentwood. Dr. Footit takes great care of his patients attending to their needs and always checking in to see if he can help in some extra way. The front-desk ladies are friendly and helpful and treat everyone as part of The Joint family. I highly recommend The Joint and all the staff. - Eilis C

I love going to see Dr. Ryan and the Joint Brentwood staff for my weekly adjustments. As an aerial athlete, I'm always putting my body under stress and going to the chiropractor is just one way I take care of it. Dr. Ryan is not only kind and efficient but also very good at what he does. And you can't beat the price! - Kim F

I have always loved going to chiropractors but the high cost of each appointment was preventing me from getting the care that I really needed. The Joint is so affordable and convenient for busy schedules. Above all, the staff is wonderful! Dr. Fowler is a great chiropractor who really cares about the well-being of everyone that walks in. The Joint has become a huge part of my family's ongoing health care. - Carrie K

The convenience and exceptional customer service at The Joint is the absolute best! I've never felt better and the wellness plan is super-affordable. Great job! - Laura D

I cannot say enough good things about The Joint Nashville. When all other traditional doctors failed to help find root cause nor with pain management, The Joint provided answers and relief. Even more, I can get affordable treatment on my own schedule without help or headache of insurance claims. I do not know what I would do without their services. - Corie K

The Joint has offered me an affordable option to attaining chiropractic care in the Nashville area.  My experience is always a pleasant one - the receptionist is friendly & helpful, the wait is minimal, if existent at all, and the doctor's have all been very professional.  I would highly recommend The Joint to anyone seeking chiropractic care. - Lara D

Dr Fowler has changed my life! I was in excruciating back pain for so many years and now I am virtually pain free! I love the flexibility of The Joint and have referred so many people! You never have to wait for more than a few minutes and the staff is always helpful. - Jordan S

I love the accessibility and flexibility of The Joint Chiropractic. I have needed chiropractic care for years, and many times have had to forgo treatment in the past due to limited office hours and hefty fees.  At The Joint, I can go to the chiropractor when I need to; I don't have to wait for the office to fit me into their schedule. Also, by having so many flexible plans, I can receive affordable treatment not only for myself, but for my whole family as they need it. And when they don't need it, I can easily adjust our plan with out lengthy commitments or contracts. Thanks to The Joint for being a lifesaver for me, and for my family. We love you! Don't ever leave us! - Jennifer C

With the membership I am paying for, I get 4 adjustments each month at a great prince. They are all friendly and willing to work out any problems you have with certain areas or simply get your body feeling back to five stars. It's a quick chiropractic visit and I'm very happy with their service. - Shelby B

Dr. Footit is excellent.  I always leave feeling better.  I have referred a few friends and everyone has left happy and feeling better.  He can get to the spot that hurts and relieve pain very well. - Sheena P

Usually I would have some type of back injury every 4 to 6 months. My back seemed to always fail me. In the past 3 years (at "The Joint") not a thing has gone bad with my back. 4 times a month i walk in, just walk in, Buda boom, buda bang, I'm in & out in 2-4 minutes. 4 for the price of one ($15 ea.) I am a lifer! Weekly adjustments keep all the tight muscles/ligaments of the spine/back loose. This is the magic in preventive muscle tears and over all best health wellness. - Don W

The Joint is a great place to go to get adjusted. The people who work their are always in a happy mood and get to know you. They truly make it worthwhile to keep going every week. Dr. Lee Ann Fowler is so friendly and kind she would never hurt anyone! She truly wants you to feel better than when you walked through the doors. She gets to know you and your back. I am very Thankful for The Joint! - Nicole L

We have the family plan and love the fact that for an affordable monthly plan, four of us can get a weekly adjustment. It's exactly what we need to help us maintain health of our spine and tightness, mobility issues. We definitely recommend. - Susan Y

First things first, you can't beat the prices, especially with the monthly plan. But most importantly, Dr. Fowler is the most wonderful chiropractor. Not only is she amazing at getting you right as rain, but she's also the friendliest, warmest doctor I've ever had. - Chloe S

I've been dealing with lower back pain and pinched sciatic nerve issues for a long time. Dr. Fowler is an extremely skilled chiropractor who takes the time to listen to your issues and work towards giving you the relief you need. Of all those chriropractic treatments I've had with a number of doctors, I finally found the right spot! - Louis S

Reluctantly,  I decided to visit a chiropractor. I had heard horror stories.  However, during my first visit at the Joint, I was wowed with the cleanliness of their facility, the friendliness and professionalism of the staff as well as the patience and understanding provided by the doctor.  This is a great spot to get adjusted.  Give it a try!!! - Stevi S

I love the Joint! Dr LeeAnn Fowler is AMAZING. She and her staff are very friendly, they always remember my name and fun to talk with. After 35 years of going to the chiropractor and feeling no relief or worse yet being ask to sign up for a $4000 machine to adjust me, I had given up. I walked into the Joint on West End one day with chronic pain in my right hip that I have been dealing with for a few years.  Dr Fowler adjusted me in a way that I instantly felt better. I immediately signed up for the monthly plan. My hip and the rest of me feels MUCH better thanks to The Joint and Dr Fowler. The joint is convenient, I rarely have to wait longer than 5 minutes and so affordable. I will continue what I feel is now a maintenance plan. GO! you will not be disappointed. - Laura T

I love not having to set an appointment, and can drop in whenever I find time.  I have never had to wait longer than 5 minutes to be seen! - Jen L

Where have you been all my life? This is the best idea ever. Super affordable and convenient chiropractic care. I didn't even have to make an appointment! This is definitely the best chiropractic option I have found that fits into my busy schedule. Dr. Fowler immediately made me feel comfortable and confident that I was in good hands. I left feeling a few inches taller and just better all around. I highly recommend The Joint to anyone looking for quality and convenient chiropractic care that doesn't break the bank. - Hannah B

Fantastic! A warm/inviting environment and knowledgeable staff. They offer well-priced options and have fantastic introductory offers on their website. The chiropractor took the time to help me understand what was going on and why they were doing the adjustments.

At the end of my visit there was no pressure to sign up for a monthly plan, just an offer to help whenever they could. - Nathan

Affordable chiropractic care with caring doctors.  They have changed my life for the better, and I would never go anywhere else.  Convenient hours and locations, and friendly caring staff. Doctor Fowler is awesome.  If you have back pains, shoulder pains, headaches, go see them.  You will not regret it.  I know I don't and neither does my daughter. - Lisa F