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Have you ever received chiropractic care?  Do you have concerns about trying it out?  Have you heard stories from friends that made you skeptical?  At the very least, you have good reason to be confused.

There are hundreds of modalities or “types” of chiropractic treatment.  Beyond that, sometimes a chiropractic physician will use forms of treatment in a practice that are outside the umbrella of chiropractic care; things like: acupuncture, massage therapy, crystals, reiki, energy healing, tarot, palm reading…the list goes on.  When a chiropractic office recommends all these other treatments, it’s easy to get mixed up.  In contrast to this confusing blend of treatments, The Joint offers only chiropractic care, and the doctors practice diversified technique, or what’s commonly known as “straight chiropractic”.  Like the name suggests, it is very straightforward.  The chiropractic physicians will adjust a patient’s full spine, adjusting any subluxations (or misalignments) of the vertebrae.  When the spine is properly aligned, the body functions much more efficiently, since the brain can send its messages unimpeded along the spine to the rest of the body (i.e. muscles, lungs, skin, organs, immune system, etc.).  Wouldn’t you prefer that your heart, muscles, liver, kidneys, sinuses, skin, etcetera receive complete messages from the brain about how they are supposed to function rather than just a fraction of the message?  What if your boss emailed you, and you could only get 40% of the email?  Wouldn’t you try to get that fixed immediately?  If your spine is misaligned, the full message won’t be received by the other parts of your body.  We’re there to help your body function more efficiently.  No massage, no acupuncture, no energy healing, just good, old-fashioned, “straight” chiropractic care.

Listed below are 10 (or 11) of the benefits of receiving chiropractic care:

  1. Relieve headaches

  2. Relieve neck and low back pain

  3. Increase and maintain mobility

  4. Relieve stress

  5. Decrease blood pressure

  6. Improve the immune system

  7. Enhance athletic performance

  8. Prevent injury

  9. Sleep better

  10. Maintain better posture

  11. Getting adjusted feels great!

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